Women's Board

The purpose of the Women's Board of the Indiana-Kentucky Conference is to recognize our dependence upon God in response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to rely upon the power of the Holy Spirit, and to covenant to walk together toward wholeness through worship, study and action.

There are four areas of interest that we try to promote throughout the IKC. These are spiritual direction and study, life issues, stewardship and service, and program planning.

In the spring, we offer a one day leadership training event when women come together to share, promote and equip themselves for leadership in their own local churches. Each of the chairwomen of the areas of interest present goals and studies for the coming year.

At our annual gathering in June, the Women's Board has a luncheon for women of the IKC. We share ideas, happenings and resources for IKC women to take back home. We listen to each other and offer each other new approaches to involve women in leadership roles in their own congregations. All women are invited to attend.

In the fall, a women's retreat is held either at Merom Conference Center or in the northern region of Indiana, on alternate years. The focus of this event is to give women an opportunity to come, retreat and spend some time recharging their spirituality and stepping out of their normal routine for health and wholeness. Watch for announcements for upcoming Women's Board events.


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IKC Women’s Board Update-February 2016

By Gayle Morely Jahn


Since 2010, the Women of Indiana-Kentucky Conference have been helping Sarah Maigari and the Divine Women's Merchantship in Nigeria. The program is a grassroots organization that provides job training, business management, literacy and health classes. They also offer small business loans to women. It is funded by the loan payments, community support and some help from the government. There have been occasional setbacks due to the violent destruction of Boko Haram, but Sarah and her group persevere – a tenacious force for good. The graduates of her program train more women so the benefits have multiplied. They are also attempting to set up some clinics with midwives for safer deliveries.


We are also helping to promote the national UCC initiative Reading Changes Lives. Education, especially of women, is essential to bring about positive change in many parts of the developing world. Raising literacy rates in our own community has proven to have a dramatic effect on bringing down rates of both crime and poverty.


We had a fantastic IKC Women’s Retreat in Louisville, Ky. in September and are now eagerly looking forward to another powerful experience at our 2016 retreat to be held Sept. 16-18 at the Merom Conference Center.


The women of the Indiana-Kentucky Conference are a spirit-filled group who provide support for the mission of the church – individually and as a conference.

IKC Women's Executive Board 2013-2014

President: Sarah Gossett, St. Mark UCC in Terre Haute, Ind.

1st Vice President: Alta Linnenburger, St. Mark UCC in Terre Haute, Ind.

2nd Vice President: Jen Walker, Faith UCC in Indianapolis, Ind.

Secretary: Eloise Breidenbaugh, Trinity UCC in Jasper, Ind.

Past President: Martha Main, Faith UCC in Indianapolis, Ind. 

Nominating Chair: Nancy Shannon, Lynnhurst UCC in Louisville, Ind.


Area of Concern Chairs

Life Issues: Elaine Jordan, Faith UCC in Indianapolis, Ind.

Program Planning: Elizabeth Hagan, St. Peter’s UCC in Dubois, Ind.

Spiritual Growth: Susia Joiner, St. John UCC, Crown Point, Ind.

Stewardship & Service: Gayle Morley Jahn, Trinity (Fulda) UCC in Lamar, Ind.