Strengthen The Church (STC)

Funds raised for the Strengthen the Church (STC) Special Mission Offering go to the Stillspeaking Ministry of the United Church of Christ, leadership for new and renewing churches, programs for youth and young adults, and leadership development. Conferences retain 50% of all gifts to this offering.

Most congregations receive this offering on Pentecost Sunday. In 2016, May 15 is the suggested offering date for the Strengthen the Church offering.

The national church will use their portion (50%) of the funds to plant new churches, awaken new ideas in existing churches and develop spiritual life in our youth and young adults. Because of this offering, many more will hear the good news that "God is still speaking."


The half of the offering that stays in the Conference is split equally between the Essential Conference Ministry Annual Fund (of the Council of Conference Ministers) and the Donald R. Buckthal Church Development Fund of the Indiana-Kentucky Conference.


The funds sent to the Council of Conference Ministers supports conferences with large geographical areas, but a small number of churches, to be able to carry on their ministries, which include leadership development, youth and young adult programs, etc. The amount added to the Donald R. Buckthal Fund of the Indiana-Kentucky Conference is combined with the Apollos Offering (IKC offering) and other assets and is used to start new churches, renew churches and make loans to churches that need capital repairs (based on an established policy of qualification). This is done through grants, subsidies and matching funds.

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