New Church Starts

The New Church Start Committee is charged with initiating, encouraging and supporting new churches in the Indiana-Kentucky Conference. New churches may be entirely new congregations, "daughters" of existing churches or groups that have broken from another congregation or denomination. It is the task of the committee to promote new churches in their various forms as well as provide guidance to start up congregations.

Currently, the committee is supporting Bluegrass UCC in Lexington, Ky., our newest church start. We are also searching for ways to encourage existing congregations to consider starting new churches. We are exploring the possibility of forming "Comma Connection" groups in the Indianapolis area. We are working to encourage pastors to consider a ministry of starting new churches.

The Apollos Offering

At our 2004 Annual Meeting, the Indiana-Kentucky Conference approved an offering to support leadership to new church starts. The Apollos Offering is the result of that action. Each church is asked to invite its members to participate once a year. Funds raised are used for leadership support for pastors.


How much is being requested?

The New Church Start Committee asks that each church member gives a minimum of five dollars each year to the Apollos Offering. It is hoped that many members will want to be supportive of new church starts and give substantially more. Congregations are also free to suggest a higher amount to their members. For example, one church is asking its members to give at least $20 a year.


When is The Apollos Offering received?

Each congregation determines the best time for them to receive that offering. It will vary according to each congregation's calendar.


What plans does the Indiana-Kentucky Conference have for new church starts?

Our goal is "20 by 2020," that is, 20 new churches by the year 2020. We have work to do, because not all seeds planted take root. To date, New Hope UCC in Owensboro, Ky., was received into our conference in 2003. Trinity UCC in Gary, Ind., held their first worship in September 2004. Bluegrass UCC in Lexington, Ky. was received into the Kentuckiana Association in May 2012 and is thriving. We are in relationship with United City of Refuge, an urban ministry nested by Zion Evangelical UCC in Evansville, Ind., and are currently exploring the northwest side of Indianapolis as an area for church growth. The Conference is open to suggestions for areas to target with a church start.


Apollos Offering Resources:

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