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Rev. Chad Abbott's Keynote Address from Annual Gathering
Did you miss your opportunity to come to to Annual Gathering? Did you attend, but simply want another opportunity to experience Rev. Abbott's keynote address? Look no further! You can find the full transcript here
Annual Gathering 2017
Here are a few highlights from this year's
 Annual gathering!
Check out some pictures here.
Rev. Abbot's Book


"At a time when the church in the United States is struggling to make sense of its place in the public square, a space of inquiry is needed that intersects the work of religion scholars and local church pastors.
What will the future of the church look like, and is there hope for transformation? Sacred Habits focuses upon an emerging future for the church, one that embraces creativity and experimentation in the pastorate in the midst of a context of rapid decline...." To learn more about or buy Rev. Abbott's book, click here
How Do You Live When You Know You are Dying? 
Learn about Adam Hayden's (son of Friedens UCC-Indy pastor Marc Hayden) journey with cancer in this article from the Indy Star or in this clip from Adam's presentation to Friedens UCC. 

Feasibility Studies Can Save You Headaches

Have you considered whether your members are ready to support a capital campaign? 


A feasibility study answers that question. Using both hard and soft data, an outside consultant
gives advice as the whether the stated campaign objectives are
feasible. A Feasibility Study becomes a way to test the waters of a vision and the campaign needed to support that vision. 
Discerning congregational support before a campaign saves many headaches and secures against missing the goal entirely.... (Continue reading)

Former IKC Board of Directors Member Sews for Indy Baseball Team
"One of the most famous father-son duos in the history of baseball is Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. But can the Griffeys sew a French knot? Or do a back stitch? The Indianapolis Indians have two women who can do that, and a whole lot more..." To read more about Sharon and her daughter-in-law and the Indianapolis Indians, click here.

Opportunities to Get Dirty for Jesus

(And Tired and Sore, Too)

The Disaster Preparedness and Response Ministry of the Indiana-Kentucky Conference will sponsor two opportunities to get "dirty, tired, and sore" serving Christ and Indiana residents as they recover from storms in the summer of 2016.
June 11-24 in Kokomo, IN and 
July 9-22 in South Bend, IN
There was a tornado in Kokomo, Ind. Some roofs have not yet been repaired. And, when roofs are damaged, the inside of the house suffers. Dry wall, painting, floors, and cabinets were damaged.

In South Bend, Ind. there was a flood that affected over 300 homes, many of which have not been repaired. Drywall, floors, basements need attention.
Neither of these disasters was large enough for a presidential declaration; therefore, funds were, and are, in short supply. Volunteer labor stretches the dollars that are available.
Workers are needed for a week, a few days, a weekend; cost for food and lodging is $20 a day. Any additional funds raised or second-mile offerings will be used to purchase building materials.
If you are interested or have questions, please contact Mary Anna Speller by email or by phone at 317-409-3993 or 317-736-8707.
Space is limited. Reserve your spot soon!